Notice of Privacy

The general conditions established for the use of the site service define the rights and obligations of the parties.

In the event that the user pays whatever the amount and/or contracts any service with wsDEV, it will be considered as an absolute and express acceptance of the service policies stipulated here.


wsDEV will start working on the requested project after receiving the deposit payment and all the information necessary.

The estimated delivery times will begin after wsDEV has received the complete information that will go on the website, as well as having accepted and chosen any of the design proposals submitted.

Once the client has accepted the web design and the development begins, any changes to the website will be quoted separately.

If the client wishes to include more pages and/or additional features, not stipulated in their quotation, they will be quoted separately.

The project must be 100% liquidated before uploading it to wsDEV servers or external servers. Once cleared, the access data and documentation will be delivered to the client (only if the content management service was contract).

After you have notified the client that your project has been completed, if within 7 business days you have not paid 100% of the project payment, you will not be able to access the site until the client makes the total payment for the contracted services.

wsDEV is not responsible for the content such as images, graphics and texts provided by the client.

Each additional service required as image editing, spelling check, logo vectorization and photographic services will be quoted separately.

wsDEV reserves the right to cancel the project if after 20 calendar days of receiving the initial payment, I have not received the complete information from the client, or we cannot finish the project due to issues outside wsDEV, or if applicable apply a penalty of 25% of the value of the package or service contracted. In case of cancellation, wsDEV owns any work done.


Payment methods will be stipulated in the formal quote that we will send you.

Payments can be made by bank transfer or over the counter deposit.

Once the payment is made, you must send your proof of payment (deposit slip) and a notification email to

No advance is refundable or transferable.


The service invoice will be sent only after having paid 100% of the payment for the services contracted with wsDEV. You can send the billing information to

You can only request your invoice in the month in which the payment was made, for no reason will invoices be generated in the following months.

Web Hosting and Domain

In case of hiring the hosting and/or domain with wsDEV. Once the granted year is over, the annual renewal of the contracted services must be carried out applying the characteristics and rates in force to the corresponding plan, as well as the rights of the corresponding domain name.

If the client has hosting and/or domain and wishes to transfer with wsDEV, they must provide all the corresponding data from their current provider to carry out the process of transferring the domain to the wsDEV servers.

In case the client wishes to keep their current hosting and/or domain provider, they must provide the necessary access data as well as make the extra payment for uploading the site to their servers. wsDEV is not responsible for security, failures, speed, deconfiguration or malfunction of the site caused by an external server as these services must be provided by your current hosting provider.

wsDEV is not responsible for loss of information such as: website, email accounts, domain name, etc. If the client did not make the payment of renewal of their services, lodging and/or domain, on the stipulated date.

By hiring our web design and development services, we include a domain. The renewal is carried out annually depending on the current rates corresponding to each year.

** Only one domain with termination ".com and .us" is offered. If more domains are required or a different termination, it will be quoted separately.

** No PREMIUM domain is included.

The domains are acquired at the end of the project, only when the final payment is made for the contracted services, in no case are the domains acquired before the stipulated.

When hiring our web design and development services, we include 1 year of free hosting. The accommodation included is the startup plan of our hosting plans.


If you want free emails, the service will be offered with one of the providers we work with.

** Free emails are limited by the clauses that said providers stipulate.

wsDEV offers support for the registration and configuration of your emails, as well as creation, deletion or reestablishment of accounts.

wsDEV is not responsible for mishandling your emails, loss of information, due to that we are not direct providers of said service.

Integrations with third parties

Any integration that is made with an external service (newsletter, chat, maps, etc.), the free account offered by these services will be used. If you require more control and capacity, you must contract the plan that suits you best.

wsDEV is not responsible for any change in integration with any third party. If an update is required, it will be quoted separately

Intellectual property

The contents displayed on the website, , such as texts, graphics, code, images, are the property of wsDEV. Total or partial reproduction and improper use of the content is prohibited unless expressly authorized in writing by wsDEV.

The sale, misuse or total or partial reproduction of websites, platforms, systems, applications and plugins developed by wsDEV is prohibited, they are protected by the law of international copyright treaties.

wsDEV reserves the right to modify the content of this website at any time and without prior notice, as well as the right to eliminate access and use of the site to any user who does not comply with the service policies established in this text.

Third-party logos and marks are trademarks of their respective owners

Last update: 01/01/2020